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  • In the present geopolitical scenario, constant hydrocarbon based fuel price hike has become a burning issue and the individual customer has to feel the burnt.
  • One the one hand, where hydrocarbons are so widely used, on the other, their use comes at a price of environmental pollution and health hazards.
  • To deal with these two interrelated problems by reducing fuel consumption without compromising the performance of the engine as well as making the fuel consumption more environmental friendly
  • FlyDex has developed a range of products for various engine platforms, which can be used in two-wheelers, generators, boats and ships.

GreenHouse Effect

In view of global requirement of reducing the greenhouse gases, it has now become obligation to entire automobile industry to improve the fuel efficiency and decrease the pollutions from exhaust gases which are harmful to environment.

Efficient and Eco-friendly

FLYDEX Automobiles Pvt Ltd offers wide range of highly efficient and eco-friendly Generator Sets to their customers. Also company serve as service provider and manufacturer of I. C. Engines which are more efficient than other products available in market.


Products contain following specifications

  • The Fuel Efficiency

    The fuel efficiency of I. C. engine enhanced 4-5 times of normal circumstances.

  • The Power Output

    The power output of I. C. engine enhanced 4-5 times of normal circumstances.

  • The Net Torque Output

    The net torque output of I. C. engine enhanced 4-5 times of normal circumstances.

  • The Increment in Temperature

    The increment in temperature of I. C. engine decreases.

  • The Mileage of Vehicle

    The mileage of vehicle enhanced 4-5 times of normal circumstances.


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